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Coordinated Program Concentration

Our Coordinated Dietetics programs have a primary concentration in food and nutrition to promote health and prevent disease. The program provides a dynamic education, research, and practice environment in which students are prepared as professionals who apply knowledge in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease for diverse populations.

What will I be able to do after completing the program?

Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to:

  • Design, implement, and evaluate nutrition education for individuals in the community
  • Design a business plan reflecting the promotion of health and prevention of disease
  • Produce a cost-effective meal with a nutrition message to promote healthy eating
  • Modify a recipe to promote healthy eating and decrease the risk of chronic disease including those individuals of economic disadvantage
  • Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy in the clinical setting to promote nutritional well-being

Evaluation of Concentration

The concentration will be evaluated using the following outcome measures:

  • 100% of graduates will respond that they are satisfactorily prepared for practice to promote health and prevent disease
  • Evaluations 1-1 1/2 years post-program completion will reflect that 100% of graduates are utilizing skills to promote health and prevent disease