dietitian works with patient using checklist and food samples - Dietetic Internship - 9.5-month program providing clinical experience necessary for licensure
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Dietetic Internship Job Placement Information

Program graduates complete a survey one-year post-graduation and are asked to report on their employment status. The information below reflects self-reported data from recent program graduates.

Job Placement Statistics

2012 Grads (n=6) 2013 Grads (n=6) 2014 Grads (n=6) 2015 Grads (n=6)
Actively sought and secured dietetics position within 3 months 50% 67% 40% 60%
Actively sought and secured dietetics position within 6 months 17% - 20% 40%
Actively sought and secured dietetics position within 9 months 17% 17% - -
Actively sought and secured dietetics position within 12 months - - 40% -
Entered Graduate/Professional School within 12 months - - - -
Did not seek employment within 12 months 17% 17% - -
Chose to enter another field within 12 months - - - -

Job Placement Examples

Sample of positions held by UConn Dietetic Internship graduates:

  • Clinical Dietitian, St Raphael's Hospital (Connecticut)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Martinsville Memorial Hospital (Virginia)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Roosevelt Hospital (New York)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Boston Medical Center (Massachusetts)
  • Sales Associate, Novartis Pharmaceuticals (Rhode Island)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Yale-New Haven Hospital (Connecticut)
  • Boston Area Reserve Dietitian - Sodexho (Massachusetts)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Hartford Hospital (Connecticut)
  • Diabetes Nutritionist, Norton Sound Health Corporation (Alaska)
  • Community Nutritionist, Cranston Child Development Center (Rhode Island)
  • Outpatient Dietitian, Waterbury Hospital (Connecticut)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Samaritan Hospital (New York)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Life Care Center of Attleboro (Massachusetts)
  • Nutrition Education Specialist, New England Dairy Council (Rhode Island)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Greenwich Hospital (Connecticut)
  • Lead Dietitian, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital (Massachusetts)
  • Clinical Dietitian, Genesis Health Care (Connecticut)
  • Health Educator, Andrews Air Force Base Health & Wellness Center (Maryland)