Procedures - Student Performance Monitoring, Student Retention & Supervised Practice Documentation

In both the Coordinated Program and Dietetic Internship Program, monitoring student performance and documenting all supervised practice hours are critical to maintaining program success. The following is a brief overview of the procedures followed in each program to ensure appropriate monitoring and tracking.

Coordinated Program - Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate

  • Grades are reviewed at the conclusion of each semester to ensure that students are able to continue in the program. Students must demonstrate a "C" (73% or higher) or better mastery in Dietetics coursework throughout the program's two academic years and externship. If this requirement is not maintained, students will be counseled to withdraw from the program.
  • Students must meet a minimum of "beginner or competent" in all clinical, community/counseling, food service, and research rotations during their final academic semester and their externship experience. It is expected that students will be competent in most areas as they progress through supervised practice. In order to complete the program, students must be evaluated as "competent for entry-level practice" in each area of practice. "Competent" is defined as follows: demonstrates sound knowledge and effective use of entry-level skills, seeks assistance after investigating potential solutions.
  • Students must abide by all requirements of assigned supervised practice sites and track their supervised practice hours to meet program requirements.

Dietetic Internship

  • A grade of a “B” or higher is normally needed to transfer a graduate course to a graduate program and is the expectation. Interns must demonstrate “C” or better mastery in the two graduate courses, AH 5350 and 5351, to continue in the program. A grade of "C-" or less in either of these two courses will result in termination from the dietetic internship program.
  • Evaluations are conducted at the conclusion of each rotation.  The intern must receive a “satisfactory” overall rating for each rotation. If a “satisfactory” is not received, the intern may be terminated from the program or will be required to spend additional time until a satisfactory rating is received.
  • The interns must be rated as competent for entry-level practice to receive a Verification Statement.
  • Retention and Remediation Policy
    • The UConn Center for Students with Disabilities may be able to assist students who are struggling to meet program requirements. If a student has any issues or learning difficulties in a course, s/he is strongly encouraged to inform the instructor and the Program Director. The program will try to find a tutor for the student (the student may incur an additional cost for tutoring services).
  • Students must abide by all requirements of the practice site and track hours to meet program requirements.