Procedures - Program Completion

In both the Coordinated Program and Dietetic Internship Program, specific procedures are in place to ensure that students meet all requirements for program completion.

Coordinated Program - Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate

A Verification Statement will be provided to the student when s/he has successfully completed the program. This statement signifies program completion and is issued to all students who have satisfactorily met the requirements of the Coordinated Program and have earned at least a Bachelor's degree. These requirements include:

  • Demonstrating "C" (73%) or higher mastery in Dietetics coursework during the program's two academic years and externship.
  • Meeting a minimum standard of "beginner or competent" in all clinical, community/counseling, food service, and research rotations during the final academic semester and externship experience. It is expected that students will be competent in most areas as they progress through their required supervised practice rotations. "Competent" is defined as "demonstrates sound knowledge and effective use of entry-level skills; seeks assistance after investigating potential solutions."
  • Formal documented performance evaluations will be reviewed with the student at the time rotations are completed. These evaluations become a part of the permanent student file.
  • The externship experience must be completed before a Verification Statement will be issued.
  • Students must complete the program within 150% of the typical time allotted (i.e. within three years of program start).

The Verification Statement indicates that the student has met all program requirements and is now eligible to sit for the National Registration Examination. Verification Statements will be issued as follows:

  • Undergraduate students typically complete baccalaureate requirements in May and immediately proceeds to complete the 6-week 6-credit externship. The Verification Statement is issued after both the BS and externship are successfully completed.
  • Post-Baccalaureate students may complete requirements for the MS in Health Promotion Sciences in May but may need additional time to complete courses and the project/practicm. Progress in the program is discussed with the student's graduate advisor and the Coordinated Program Director on a regular basis. The post-baccalaureate student will receive the Verification Statement when all competencies, supervised practice hours, and required rotations are completed.

Dietetic Internship

Verification statements of completion are issued to interns after they have successfully completed the requirements of the Internship. In order to receive a written Verification Statement from the Dietetic Internship Director indicating the intern has completed all requirements of the internship, the intern must:

  • Meet a minimum of “satisfactory” for each rotation. As rotations progress, expectations rise. It is expected that the intern will be competent in most areas as s/he progresses through supervised practice. "Competent" is defined as: "demonstrates sound knowledge and effective use of entry level skills; seeks assistance after investigating potential solutions."
  • Formal documented evaluations of performance will be reviewed with interns at the completion of each rotation. If an intern is rated "unsatisfactory," s/he must complete additional time in the rotation to become satisfactory. If it is determined that the intern will not become satisfactory in the area, the intern will be dismissed from the program.
  • Successful completion of the graduate courses required at UConn with a grade of “C” or better. Note that most graduate programs will only accept graduate credits with a grade of B or higher.
  • Complete all assigned projects and/or field trips satisfactorily.
  • Program completion must be within 125% of the time (within 1 year of program commencement)


Program Completion Rates

*Percentage of students who began the Dietetic Internship and successfully completed the program, broken down by graduation year.

2014 2015 2016 2017
100% 100% 100% 100%